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Norizan, someone very bad...

Norizan, I dont know whom, using this egroup name "Masyarakat_ADIL" and has involved so many names (seemingly active Net users), including me and malaysiakini.com They throw so many rubbish. But I notice it started with someone by the name "Isfa Zahra". I tried to UNSUBSCRIBE many a time but failed.

I dont think it is a work of reformasi & opposition activists since they've already had enough discussion groups. It seems that they (the opposition activists) are "held" by this egroup. One by one appears on my screen, screaming to be UNSUBSCRIBE but failed.

So I dont think it is done by "islah tajdid". When did you (Norizan) get in (to this egroup)?

Actually we have to confirm first but it is suddenly appears. Just like another one, "Maharana" mailing lists. I have been a victim of this Net stupidity. It seems to me that someone is desperate enough to tarnish the image of reformasi-opposition internet users/activists (just like me).

I dont know exactly. But it is my personal opinion based on my daily & consistent observation of this online "mis-behaviour."

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