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Kristianisasi di Kalangan Melayu Singapura

Berikut adalah mel yang IB terima dari seorang rakan dari Singapura untuk dipanjangkan kepada saudara-saudara di Malaysia. IB

AWAS!!! Sampaikan kepada rakan-rakan atau saudara mara di Singapura.

Assalamualaikum! Just for your info, City Harvest Church the one on Tanjong Katong Road, next to Lion City Hotel, opposite City Plaza and new coming up at JurongWest Extension. Also, beware of the church of the Holy Trinity Tampines) and Bedok-Tampines Bethesda (near Bedok Police Station). Rumour says that the priest of the Bethesda is a Malay (Na 'uzubillah!), so be on your guard.

MUIS and Jamiyah have received reports from Muslim parents that their teenage children have been discreetly lured into converting to Christianity by a church called City Harvest Church. This report is first-hand information because I am on the team which is investigating and counselling the teens who have already been affected. This church 'harvests' in every imaginable way. One of the cases is of a girl, Mariah, 17 (name changed for privacy) who was invited to a party by her schoolteacher. Neither she nor her parents were told beforehand even though the teacher spoke to the parents personally when inviting Mariah that it was a gathering set up only so that Christianity could be preached with the use of slide shows and so on to the attending Muslim teenagers. City Harvest Church networks through schoolteachers,home tutors, Christian schooling teenagers, seemingly harmless brochures and so on. Before Mariah knew it, she was attending church. It has been four years, Mariah's conversion has had profoundly adverse effects on her family and home environment because her parents see she is being misled but are helpless. Recently, Mariah's mother approached MUIS. Mariah has been seeking guidance from us for a few months.

We are a group of youths who were picked by a MUIS official. Mariah is opening up more and more as she realises what CHC really is about. To Muslim kids like Mariah,CHC puts on a front that they regard Jesus as prophet and God as God. Kids like Mariah are immediately taken in by this concept because to them it's like Tawhid gift-wrapped in an exciting,cool package - Christianity. New and potential converkids are also taken in by the warm rush of love the native

church members show - they are showered with presents and a group to belong to. Naturally, everything a teenager might want, Mariah vehemently defends her

church's stand on Jesus' prophethood and uses this as her defence to claim that her church is not teaching her to do anything wrong. However, on more than one occasion, Mariah hasused the phrase'Lord Jesus Christ' - we stopped her and pointed out that the phrase 'Lord Jesus Christ' contradicts her claim that CHC teaches unity of God. She was speechless for a moment. The next day, she came up with an answer for us and it was that, "Lord is a title - a noble man - it's not meant to be the same thing as God and Jesus IS a noble man". As you can see,even Mariah is confused as to what she really is being taught in this church. We decided to find out for ourselves whether the church is unitarian as Mariah has been taught or Trinitarian, as we suspected. emailed CHC twice and left messages on the answering machine of their PR executive, Colin but I received no reply. I finally got her on the phone recently and after a mumbled apology for not replying to my very simple query. Colin confirmed that CHC is indeed a Trinitarian Church. Mariah is slowly discovering that she has been misled. She had been taught that the Bible is 100% flawless which is something even Christian scholars disagree with. Mariah has been overwhelmed and blinded by allthe presents and attention she has been receiving.

Your teen is JUST as vulnerable..Please look into the kind of company your kids keep because anyone can be a CHC missionary - your kid's school teacher, classmate or tuition teacher - ANYONE. Also, if you teach Islam to your kids just by instilling fear in them, fear of sin, fear of God's wrath and so on - instead of encouraging them to fall in love with the beauty of Islam - all the more your kids are vulnerable to being taken in by Christian missionaries. It's a two-way thing - PARENTS, YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HELP YOUR TEENS! If you are a Singaporean or have a in Singapore, it is crucial that you check back on this page regularly for the next few weeks. Mariah is not alone - she has opened up to us and is slowly reverting to Islam but she attests that there are many others like her. Your son, daughter, brother or sister could be one of them so PLEASE, for their sake, check back for updates. Investigation is ongoing! If you suspect that your child has already fallen into the hands of CHC, please contact Zalman of MUIS immediately at 359 1123. All details will be kept confidential


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