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Beware of someone trying to discredit your site

Webmaster LR,

I have a few questions – I would say doubts about the latest “Osu’s cheque” today (http://mahazalimtwo.tripod.com/201100wac.html) – maybe you would like to investigate further.

1. Such a big amount of cheque are normally crossed.

2. Not the same handwriting on one cheque. Though it happens – but with such a big value – it means Osu just sign blindly and let someone else fill in his/her name or organisation – very risky.

3. Even the signature signed was not with the same pen for the amount written.

4. The cheque looks like it has been folded. I doubt if Osu keeps folded cheque or the person who holds/keeps the cheque before cashing it folds it.

5. The size of cheque is big – normally used for company rather than individual. If it is for company then – there should be company chop.

Many more discrepancies are detected but the above list is sufficient to suspect that some one is trying to discredit your site’s reputation.



Note: Other webmasters - also beware of such tactics - do screen you source and news carefully.

Ke atas    Tarikh Artikal : 22 November 2000

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