The honey-coated tirade of a dictator: And so it will be !

So, he wants his subjects to forget the past ? Which one, may we ask? The famous grindings of DS Anwar Ibrahim that culminated in the daily parade of the barren mattress with circled spots to incite the wild imaginations, or the incredulous schemes which involved an ailing sportswriter who was willing to write the sizzling fantasies of a frustrated virgin-in-waiting?

Did he refer to the recent general election where he displayed his astuteness in rigging by way of harnessing the power of the ghosts to cast their spell on hidden ballot papers ?

This is the story of a once popular leader of the masses who have overstretched the hospitality of his followers. Like a good cosumer item that had passed its expiry date, nothing that comes from the inner belly of this dictator can change the consumer tastes. He is just not wanted by the majority. The sooner he understands it the better for the country.

Malaysians are now being prepared to hear more of him in the next millennium. The Malays especially, are being primed to listen to the plea of an aging president of a once powerful political party that "there are more challenges to be faced and more sacrifices to be made." In so doing the cronies will be put at ease to squander whatever leftovers that have been overlooked in the last nationwide self-enriching splurge.

The songs Malaysia Boleh will be played intermittently with the self-doctored MY WAY. The Malays will soon be put at ease with new slogans to whet their fantasies. New mind-boggling challenges will keep them busy till the day of reckoning at the PWTC whence this aging dictator will be reelected unopposed by the "majority". And the so-called 'majoriti' incedentally, will be presented by seasoned 'perwakilan' who will soon be hynotised with promises of bribery, government tenders, official positions, royal titles, free passages and holidays and whatever that may be. And so it will be.

In the meantime, the tension that existed among brethrens as depicted by the colors of their banners on display have to be brought down as a show of strength of a race that once was so pround of its origin and honour.

And so it will be.

-Mark Tuner-