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Why Pakistanís military government betrays the Muslims in Afghanistan

Assalamualaikum wm wbt

Why Pakistanís military government betrays the Muslims in Afghanistan

It is so very easy to figure out why the military government of Pakistan is so very eager to assist the United States to kill the innocent Muslim ummah in Afghanistan. Firstly, by helping the United States in the attack on Afghanistan, Pakistanís military government hope to gain the recognition and acceptance of the US and the Western powers which have been pressuring for the return of Pakistan to democratic rule. Secondly, Pakistan which economically is at the brink of bankruptcy require the backing of the US and the West to obtain the loans worth several billion US dollars from the World Bank and other international lending institutions. This is a classic case of ďI scratch your back and you scratch mineĒ.

As far as Pakistanís military government is concerned - to hell with Islamic brotherhood, to hell with the principles of international justice, to hell with the fact that Afghanistan would be punished for a crime it did not commit, and to hell with the possible murder by the US of thousands of innocent Muslim Afghans. What is important is for the military government in Islamabad to gain US and Western recognition as the legitimate government of Pakistan.

It is truly unfortunate that the governments of several Muslim countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt and now Pakistan would readily crawl and lick the feet of the Americans for monetary kickbacks and for American backing to their continued stay in power.

Once again we would be seeing another military attack on a Muslim country by the United States purely on the basis of suspicion. There is no conclusive evidence to hold Osama bin Laden responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York and the Pentagon. Hence there is no basis for the demand to hand over Osama bin Laden. There is also no concrete evidence to link the Taliban-led Afghanistan government to the attacks. As such, if the US were to go ahead in attacking Afghanistan purely on the basis of suspicion, then the US would be committing murder for every Afghan live killed. The US would be no different then the terrorists that attacked the WTC and the Pentagon.

It is obvious the United States is attempting to quickly move against Afghanistan before the world, especially its NATO allies back track and insist on concrete evidence before they would condone the strike on Afghanistan. Is the US trying to hurry things through because it is hiding something which it does not want the world to have time to find out?

The US so vehemently hated Muslims and Islam that when a building in Oklahoma City was bombed several years ago, the US authorities immediately accused Muslims of committing the crime. Many Muslims in the United States, especially Arabs, were arrested and a Muslim religious leader died in captivity in a US remand prison. Investigations however revealed that an American white, Timothy Mcveigh was the terrorists who bombed the Oklahoma building.

Again the US acted solely on suspicion against the Muslims when it bombed a medicine factory in Sudan. The factory was suspected to be making chemical weapons. After murdering several hundred Muslim factory workers, and upon further investigation, it was conclusively discovered that the factory in Sudan was not in any way involved in producing chemical weapons.

Soon we could again be witnessing the United States embarking on a vengeful attack on Muslims, this time around the Muslims in Afghanistan, purely on the basis of suspicion. The truth is that the US is merely finding an excuse to murder Afghan Muslims and to destroy Afghanistan that had in history drove away the British colonialists, and in recent times dealt a shameful defeat upon the powerful invading Soviet forces.

The truth is that the US is also working up an excuse to kill Palestinian jihad groups fighting to liberate Palestine from the Israelis. The world knows the evil ulterior motives of the US, but the world is too cowed. The world would rather submit to the principle that might is right. The world would rather meekly watch as the United States terrorized the world. The world applauded the unleashing of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese lives. The world did not care two hoots when the US napalm-bombings of Vietnamese villages during the Vietnam War killed an estimated 2.2 million civilian population of the then North Vietnam. And the world would not lift a finger to stop the Americans from murdering innocent Muslims in Afghanistan or Palestine. In fact because the murder victims would be Muslims, the largely Christian west would be assisting the Americans in its murderous genocide campaigns against the Muslims be it in Afghanistan, the Palestine or anywhere else on this earth.

Once again we are about to witness the United States, the self proclaimed bastion and proponent of democracy, collaborating with yet another military government which seized power by force. We have seen the United States installed puppet military governments in the former South Vietnam in its war against the Vietnamese freedom fighters in Hanoi. There were many instances in the past when the US set aside its own so-called adherence to the democratic process to collaborate with dictatorial military regimes in order to achieve its foreign policy objectives. Should the US follow through with its intended attack on Afghanistan, then the expected collaboration with Pakistanís military regime would be yet another example of the US collaborating with a dictatorial military regime. So much for the United States being the proponent of democracy. Ha ha ha.

Most Muslims all over the world are aware that the United States of America and Israel would not rest until Islam has been annihilated. But as Muslims we should realize that most governments of the Muslim countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt would quickly support the US and the West against Islamic interests and the ummah if there are financial and other benefits to gain from it. Muslims the world over should therefore not rely on their governments but to take upon themselves the responsibility to defend Islam and Muslim lives against the US genocide campaigns.

As ordinary people we Muslims no doubt could not fight an open conventional war against Christian US. But we have many Muslim brothers living in the US, and we can in collaboration with them fight the US in its own backyard, cities and towns. The attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon clearly showed that the best way to fight a powerful country such as the United States is to fight them from within their own borders. I call upon all my Muslim brothers and sisters the world over to wage jihad on the United States and the West should they attack Afghanistan purely on the basis of suspicion and on the basis of putting two and two together. An attack on Afghanistan is an attack on the whole Muslim ummah.

SO LET IT BE KNOWN THAT AN ATTACK ON ISLAM IS AN ATTACK ON ALL TRUE MUSLIMS THE WHOLE WORLD OVER. It could very well spark off the Crusade War of the new Millennium. And let it be reminded that true steadfast Muslims (not those beer drinking, corrupt and fornicating ĎMuslimsí) are prepared to fight and die for Islam.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!


29 Jamadilakhir 1422
17 September 2001

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